At the Kings/Fairy Tale/Crucible

I’m no poet, I’ll admit that right off the bat, but here I some poems I wrote for various classes between 2010 and 2012 that I’m not ashamed to share.

At The King’s

(inspired by Robert Browning’s ‘The Laboratory)


She danced with him under the chandelier

In the King’s ballroom, until past midnight.

She laughed and kissed his lips in full view of his wife.

She did not care.

Tired, she took a chair in the corner,

His wife joined her, poured them wine,

Said it was time they talked things over.

“Cannot keep up this deception, let’s be friends

I’ll divorce the traitor. Cheater.

Let’s drink to our health.”

After several sips of wine she put the glass aside,

 Not caring for its taste. Bitter almonds.

Fairy Tale


‘Once Upon a Time,’ my life began

My tower was not made of ivory, but concrete,

glass and bricks.

I stayed there till my adult years.

Stepped out into sunlight, a naïve princess

I found my prince

In a tower of his own


(inspired by Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible)


We are the dancers

The dancing girls

That danced in the forest

That danced for the devil

That wrote in his book

With black ink and blood

That signed our names

That sealed your fates

We are the girls that hated

The girls that pointed

The girls that accused

The girls that survived

We screamed our pain

The judge looked on

And judged you bad

We let you hang

The innocent suffered

And only guilty were

Spared from the rope

We sealed your fate

To save our necks

We let you hang


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